Imagine Madison is an urban planning fan fiction project. 

Just like literary fan fiction, I don't have any real control over urban planning in Madison. But I also don't always have to follow normal rules... like budget, zoning or market pressures. 

This project is a collection of original urban planning concepts and designs. You'll also find commentary on real proposals and projects. Feedback is always welcome on either.

I apologize in advance if you ever find your home or business erased in a design. No offense meant.

Imagine Madison is a project of Mark Bennett. I've lived in the city for seven years, and I consider myself still fairly new. Particularly compared to my many longtime-resident neighbors in the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood. 

I'm trained as a journalist and I also hold a degree in political science. I work in communications for a local non-profit. I have some formal training in design, but I'm very much a young student of urban planning and design.* 

I've always had a passion for architecture. At least I used to think I did. And I still really appreciate it... But then one day I discovered I've actually had a lifelong passion for urban planning. (They don't tell you about that one in Kindergarten.) 

So this is a project of passion, but I hope to spark some conversation and a few new ideas.

To contact the project, please reach out to

*learning more every day